About us

For our Customers, we check what makes consumers buy, like, share and how their shopping process looks like. Developing consumer insights, user personas, consumer journey, gives insight into their lives and what is important to them. When we know how they think, it's easier to design communication strategies. Obtaining intuitive knowledge of who you are, who you serve, where you appear and how you grow is perhaps the most reliable way to ensure your company's continued success.
We are a team of specialists in building consumer loyalty. We rely on an individual model of cooperation. Everything we have achieved is the result of teamwork, inspiration and trust. When designing the strategies of our programs, we explore consumers' desires and behaviours with passion and commitment. We are guided by the idea of reverse loyalty, in which the company shows commitment to the customer in order to create a long-term relationship with them.
Managing Partners
Przemysław Orłowski, Dominik Zacharewicz
Practice Director
Maja Dąbrowska
Practice Director
Artur Jasiński
Practice Director
Adam Kudelski
CRM Strategy & Development Director
Patryk Mazurek
Project Director
Bartłomiej Murawski
Project Director
Paweł Oliwa
IT & BI Department Director
Jan Wójcik
Activation Director
Marta Zadrożna
Head of Data Science Logic
Daniel Szulc
Senior Data Analyst
Agnieszka Ropelewska
Senior Data Analyst
Tomasz Truszkowski
We help companies accelerate the use of data to build a competitive advantage. We are practitioners. We not only talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence, but we also use them on a daily basis. We are guided by the language of business and benefits, explaining very advanced analytical solutions in an understandable way. We offer a comprehensive approach and support the acceleration of the organization's data use, regardless of the stage of development of Data Science.
We are professionals in designing brand experiences, interactive creations or engaging events outside the Internet. We assume that the most important thing in sales is the consumer's experience with the brand, its unique promises and image communication. Therefore, we design the consumer experience on the basis of the original HERO strategic model, based on 3 elements; EXPOSURE, ENGAGEMENT, EMPATHY. We create advertising campaigns based on reliable internet research and consumer insights.
Managing Partner
Paweł Modzelewski
Creative Director
Tomasz Danielewicz
Managing Director
Adam Wysocki
Digital Strategy Director
Maciej Bastecki
Head of Product
Maciej Zdunek
Business Director
Błażej Gałkiewicz
We are a group of enthusiasts interested in media, digital business and new technologies. We develop our operation in LVL UP in three directions. First of all, the basis of our campaigns is the use of brand customer data, which, combined with technology, allows you to optimise your conversion activities. We integrate data from CRM systems with media data. We create a common user experience on multiple devices and in many channels. Secondly, the data enables us to carry out more effective performance campaigns. Thirdly, we implement e-commerce campaigns both to our customers' stores and using marketplace such as Allegro, because customers hold us accountable for the results achieved.